GP4 Failure Editor
It's a freeware editor for failures data in GP4 races files (*.CH* and .RA*). It's possible to decide which drivers suffer failures and when, so it's particularly useful to recreate real situations (ex. the unlucky Hakkinen's last lap retire in Barcelona 2001), or just to avoid a rage.
 WARNING: before using this software your GP4.EXE must be decrypted (you can download the decrypted executable from AlphaF1).
 WARNING: this editor works with:
gp4_small (2K)
gp4_small (2K)
v1.02 (Patch v9.6)
  Download (159 KB)
 WARNING: you need a free serial code to use this program, create it here.
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Language files
Language Version Author
English 1.3 Alessandro Carrera
Italiano 1.3 Alessandro Carrera
Version 1.0 (16/09/2002): First release on the Web.
Version 1.1 (19/09/2002): Bug fixed in save procedure.
Bug fixed in search updates procedure.
Version 1.2 (28/02/2003): Memory leak fixed in save procedure.
Locking fixed during search updates procedure.
Print preview added.
Support for official v9.6 patch.
Version 1.3 (07/06/2003): Bug fixed editing a race saved during the grid (reported by Carlo Barbieri).
Small bugs fixed in save procedure.