GP4 Pit&Lap Editor
It's a freeware editor for GP4 race laps number and for CC pitstop strategy. It's able to change: the percentage of computer controlled cars (CC) doing one, two or three pitstops; the lap from which the pit can occur; the range of laps in which the pit can occur; and obviously the total number of laps in 100% length race.
 WARNING: before using this software your GP4.EXE must be decrypted (you can download the decrypted executable from AlphaF1).
 WARNING: this editor works with:
gp4_small (2K)
gp4_small (2K)
v1.02 (Patch v9.6)
  Download (379 KB)
 WARNING: you need a free serial code to use this program, create it here.
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Language files
Language Version Author
Dansk 1.2 Rasmus Bertelsen
English 1.2 Alessandro Carrera
German 1.2 Karsten Franke
Italiano 1.2 Alessandro Carrera
Finnish 1.2 Samuli Strang
Version 1.0 (05/07/2002): First release on the Web.
Version 1.1 (26/08/2002): Bug fixed in track files checksum procedure.
Bug fixed in search updates procedure.
Bug fixed in registration procedure with accented characters.
Version 1.2 (07/12/2002): Support for official v9.6 patch.